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Senior Living Resources is a marketing firm using technology to connect families with CCRCs

Our innovative tools empowers 

the next generation of caregivers by providing...

  • Geofencing

  • Online Scheduling

  • Real Time Feedback on Tours

  • Community Comparisons

  • Integration with Social Media

  • Local Attractions

  • Independent Rating System

  • Educational Articles & Videos

  • Reviews by Authorized Users

Why Now?

My husband and I want to move into a community where there are people our age and we can easily transition into assisted living when the time comes. My children have families of their own so I don't want to bother them to help but its very challenging to figure this out on our own. 


-  Clair

I started looking for a senior community for my grandmother. There is useful information on the community websites but I would prefer to read about first hand experiences.


-  Amanda

I have been avoiding finding my grandfather a home because it’s so overwhelming. I don’t know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid so I don’t know what price points to look at. Also, who is supposed “diagnose” the type of care he needs? Me? 


-  Dan

My father is in perfect physical condition but is struggling mentally. It is so challenging to find all communities n a given area that specialize in Memory Care. Searching Google is basically trial and error at this point. 


-  Mike

Since these life changes usually occur during a time of crisis, we are committed to smoothing the way and eliminating the complexity of the pursuit of a senior living solution